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Expatriate Employer Services

The International management of people plays a vital role in those high growth SMEs that have or have begun to extend their activity beyond their domestic borders.

The process of the internationalization of a businesses, involves increasingly dynamic and diverse forms of employee mobility alongside changing career motivations and expectations of employees, and emerging concerns like the employee versus contractor or freelance resourcing mix.

High growth SMEs must manage this complexity to retain and motivate the high value talent needed to achieve business growth goals. A key challenge to this process is the ability of the parent company to control the effectiveness of the expatriate employees assigned to foreign operations in achieving the commercial objectives of the parent company and the local entity.

This challenge presents difficulties for both the parent company and the local entity. The aim of our Expatriate Employer Services is to provide confidence to both the parent company and the local entity that the assignment of foreign personal to the UK will involve minimal problems by establishing the necessary strategic infrastructure alongside superior private client service for high value individuals. Some of the typical services offered in this area to motivate and retain key personnel are:

  • Designing strategy for mobility business objectives and impact
  • Planning strategy for employee career and professional development
  • Management of visa and immigration processes
  • Organisation of cross-border tax and social security costs and compliance obligations
  • Guidance on employee mobility logistics

However, our services are not product driven. We work with each high growth SME to design and develop a service solution to fit their specific cross-border commercial objectives and mobile employee objectives.

The costs associated with assignee remuneration packages can have a significant impact on the bottom line of an international business. It is important that the right advice is sought to maximise the value that you get from your international assignments.

We can help you manage the internal time spent on managing the complexity of the tax and social security administration and compliance obligations.

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Standard Services

Employee tax registration and deregistration

  • Advice and management of formal procedures

Entry and exit interviews

  • Meeting with assignee at the start and conclusion of their assignment
  • Ensure employee understanding of tax, social security and immigration issues
  • Provide employee an opportunity to obtain any clarification necessary

Tax returns

  • For expatriate employees· Spouses tax returns where appropriate
  • Information gathered with annual tax questionnaire
  • Filing of tax returns on behalf of employees

Gross up calculations

  • Gross up calculation in respect of any items of remuneration intended to be delivered on a net basis to the assignee

Withholding and/or prepayment review

  • PAYE advice for employees coming to or leaving the UK
  • Short-term assignees
  • Longer-term assignees

Standard personal tax advice

  • Telephone advice to employees

Standard company tax advice

  • Telephone advice relating to employees
  • Written, email and telephone advice regarding company obligations

Normal tax authority enquiries

  • Routine and normal correspondence with tax authorities concerning employee compliance and company obligations

Periodical expatriate employer reports

  • Detailed reports covering changes that may affect employee and employer obligations
Specialist Services

Certificates of tax residence

  • Application for certificates of tax residence as necessary

Annual Country reports

  • Tax and legal updates

Tax equalization and gross-up calculations

  • Preparation of estimated hypothetical tax calculations
  • Preparation of annual tax equalisation calculations

How to reduce the costs of assignments

  • Clarification of facts about current corporate, organisational and operational strategy, location, policy, process and remuneration arrangements
  • Evaluation of opportunities to minimise tax and social security costs and compliance burden
  • Design & development of opportunities identified, scenario testing and stakeholder analysis
  • Implementation planning and management of agreed action plans
  • Annual monitoring and evaluation of implemented opportunities

International social security

  • Coming to the UK to work
  • Going abroad to work
  • Self-employed and other contributors
  • EC regulations
  • Non-EEA countries with whom the UK has a reciprocal agreement
  • Other countries

Expatriate employer reviews

  • Dealing with Inland Revenue PAYE investigations
  • Managing correspondence
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Improving processes and systems

How to measure the value of assignments

  • Strategy for assignee return on investment
  • Development of measurement criteria
  • Monitoring and evaluation of application

International tax & financial planning for expatriate employees

  • Review of employee personal financial planning affected by their assignment
  • Recommendations of action needed to protect employees financial planning objectives

Improving cross-border people performance

  • Review of roles and responsibilities
  • Team efficiency reviews
  • Design of success criteria
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