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Policy audit and development approach

A policy document is your tool to facilitate the management of your assignment programme and it should be regularly reviewed to ensure it meets the changing demands of the business and marketplace trends. Reviews often find the documentation outdated and not reflecting the actual programme management. This can be due to numerous policy exceptions built up over time, or practices which have evolved but are not in-line with the original philosophy. A structured audit of the policy against your ultimate goals, the current practice, and market and best practice trends can determine its strengths and omissions.

For new starters to international assignments the myriad of issues can be daunting. Whilst an "off-the-shelf" policy would be tempting, it is unlikely to be completely relevant for your organisation's needs and objectives. We recognise that although one size does not fit all there are generic elements to international mobility and our approach takes you through these issues to assist in determining what is appropriate for your organisation. We help you to shape the framework, whether this manifests into a simple outline offering guidelines for managers, or a suite of differing policy structures we ensure that they will meet the needs of your mobile population.

If you would like an initial consultation, please call or email Alison Asher.

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