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UK and US Tax Return Preparation

International Tax Assistance at Competitive Prices

Accepting an international move offers significant career development opportunities but can also present real challenges for both employees and their families. Dealing with tax and social security in the home and host locations and the associated cost of tax return preparation can be a concern.

Until now, internationally mobile employees responsible for their own tax affairs have had to face a hard trade off between quality and high costs when selecting a tax services provider. The major international accountancy firms have considerable experience but at a significant price.

Stephen Asher Consulting offers low cost and highly personalised UK and US tax return preparation and consulting services to help you manage your tax affairs accurately and in a timely fashion. An added advantage is that you will be dealing with the same person for both your UK and US returns.

Our team is comprised of recognised experts in cross border taxation and assignment planning, including consideration of the impact of your residence and domicile position and estate and inheritance tax. Between us we have over 50 year’s experience of dealing with the tax consequences of international assignments. We are working with executives from many organisations, with high client satisfaction.

In order to ensure your tax obligations do not interfere with the effectiveness of your assignment, it is ideal to plan your arrangements before the start of your assignment. A proactive approach will help you to ensure you are not surprised by costs or timing or incur any penalties come tax time.

If you have already begun your assignment, our experts will work with you to catch up on any missed registrations and/or filings and are happy to review past returns for accuracy and savings opportunities.

If you would like more information on our services or would like an initial consultation with one of us to discuss your circumstances, please call or email Alison Asher.

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