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Vendor Value

Third-party value for your international assignee population

It is a well-known fact that the process of international mobility necessitates the involvement of third-party vendors; from tax and legal specialists through to removals and relocation assistance. These specialists provide a critical service and often have direct contact with your employees, an ‘external face’ to your department.

A large global contract, or the combined cost of all key vendors can be extremely high and often little is done to assess the value received unless something goes wrong. We can work with organisations to assess the overall value they receive through our vendor value programme.

However, vendor value is more than just cost comparison. Our own experience as both service providers and clients enables us to assist in highlighting any gap between expectations and perceived service delivery.

Perhaps you would like to assess the service and value you receive from your third-party specialists, but do not have the time or resources to provide an objective and thorough overview. Our vendor audit process can assist you in reviewing any or all of your third-party specialists, to assess the service and appropriate value for your organisation.

The need to find a new provider can happen for varying reasons, sometimes driven by new legislation, or perhaps a deterioration in the service level, or maybe global expansion by the client which the provider can no longer meet. Whatever the reason, when it comes to selecting an appropriate "working partner" this can be a daunting task. Our vendor selection approach takes you step-by-step through the process to assist you in determining and securing the most appropriate specialist for your organisation.

An audit of the services provided does not necessarily mean having to change the provider. An audit will highlight any discrepancies between requirements and delivery. An audit will also highlight areas or services previously unknown or discarded, which might now benefit the client. To assist you in getting the most from your third-parties we have developed our vendor management approach.

As the third-party specialists can play such a large role in the international mobility process it is critical to ensure that you have the right provider for your organisation's needs, and that you are maximising the value from your working partnership. Our vendor value approach enables you to assess the successes, the issues, the cost and the way forward.

If you would like an initial consultation, please call or email Alison Asher.

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