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UK & Overseas Landlords

The income, capital gains and stamp duty tax rules for UK and overseas landlords have changed hugely in the past few years.

These changes include the curbs on mortgage interest relief, reductions in tax-free periods of ownership of former principal private residences, restrictions to Lettings Relief and new returns and payment requirements of capital gains tax on let property sales.

If you are based overseas and let a UK property, you are deemed an "Overseas Landlord".  Overseas landlords are obliged to have basic rate tax deducted at source from their rental income, unless action is taken to stop this from happening.

Through our UK and International Tax Return preparation services, we can help to ensure you are receiving your rental income without suffering tax withholdings, claiming the maximum possible relief for letting expenses, and are meeting all the new filing and tax payment requirements when selling your let properties.

If you would like an initial consultation, please call or email Alison Asher.

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