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Management Consultancy Services

Our consultants are qualified Certified Management Consultants and follow the code of practice of the Institute of Consulting. As providers of management consultancy services we deliver our services according to ISO 20700.

Our consultants provide objective advice that will help an organisation plan, solve business problems, or manage change related to cross-border people purposes and objectives. This includes international business start-ups, businesses managing growth or expansion, reorganisation, renewal, diversification, downsizing, disposal of assets, review of operations, launching new corporate initiatives or projects, and/or acquiring and implementing management technology.

Our consultants add value when an organisation lacks sufficient resources or expertise or requires external objective advice.  There are many types of cross-border people business problems and challenges and the following are a few possibilities of how our consultants can help:

  • Help organisations develop their cross-border people strategies, envision directions for the foreseeable future and provide advice on implementation of chosen strategies (which may include options for structuring international employment arrangements, refreshing international HR management models, tax and social security cost planning, international resource practices, compensation and benefits packages, workforce diversification, and employee development programmes).
  • Advise organisations about how they lead and manage people change initiatives, (including when undergoing a fundamental reorientation in the way the international organisation operates such as developing growth strategy, cross-border restructuring, marketing internationally, buying/selling assets, or revitalising leadership).
  • Help organisations evaluate people elements of cross-border risks (by improving insight and understanding of financial and regulatory compliance, cultural issues, employee health and wellbeing, business travel, environmental and sustainability initiatives).
  • Work with clients on improving their future readiness for disruption to cross-border people needs in response to shocks and emergencies (including cross-border management coordination and communication during pandemics, terrorism, security breaches etc.).

In general, our consultants:

  • Work within the parameters of a Statement of Work that has been accepted by a client and includes a definition of requirements.
  • Scope out the nature and extent of a project by gathering information to better define needs, understand context and interdependencies, and to explore possible alternative solutions.
  • Analyse the data collected and use their background knowledge and experience to develop recommendations for enhancing strategic direction and better aligning operations, methods, systems, and/or options.
  • Present their recommendations to the client organisation and, if their recommendations are accepted, assist in implementing those recommendations.

If you would like more information on our services please call or email Alison Asher.

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